2022-04-30 Wheel of WE
Seven steps

The Wheel of WE

The Wheel of WE method gives us access to new perspectives and ways of navigating our lives. The Wheel of WE is also a doorway into pure awareness, stillness and the unconditional.

Scientific map
Using the scientific map.

Based on the Scientific World-View

To navigate, we use the evolving map that modern science has given us, which points to the deep interconnectedness of everything. As humans, we start to recognise that we are not separate but integral parts of the Universe, the Biosphere, Humanity and everything around us.

Belonging Unconditionally
Unconditional belonging, wider perspectives and stillness.

Collective Perspectives

Through the unique Wheel of WE method, we can take collective perspectives, sensing the world as the present group, the planet, the universe. This opens a whole new way of perceiving the world and invites us to feel a deeper belonging to everything we are part of, and we gain surprising insights.

We Dojo Join
Everyone contributes, one person is guiding.

How do we do it?

We meet mainly online but also in person. It’s a guided meditation where the guide will point out the Embraces, and together we feel into them and lean out into them, speaking as them.

You can’t understand the Wheel of WE by reading about it; doing is key.

People who struggle with staying focused during meditation often find the Wheel of WE method helpful and easy. We hold each other, and it’s more or less effortless to remain present.